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12th November 2016

Brazil 1970: The designers goal of choice

  After the recent passing of the legendary Brazilian captain Carlos Alberto, I, like many re-watched his career-defining goal from the 1970 World Cup final. At the time Brazil had…
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28th October 2016

Tales off the back of the peloton

As very much a weekend cyclist, a rider of only two years in the saddle, my experience up to 2016 had been limited to casual Sunday morning rides and the…
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1st August 2016

Cathy Come Home. The backdrop may have changed but the story still strikes an alarming chord   While I may be somewhat late to the party in praising Ken Loach's seminal drama 'Cathy Come Home' (about 50 years), I was struck by how much the…
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28th April 2016

Is a strong brand important for SMEs?

For many smaller organisations, the power of a companies brand is simply the strength of character of its owner and a maybe a few key individuals within the business. However,…