While I may be somewhat late to the party in praising Ken Loach’s seminal drama ‘Cathy Come Home’ (about 50 years), I was struck by how much the underlying themes resonated with the UK in 2016.

A moving and ultimately bleak portrayal of a blameless young family spiralling uncontrollably through a system designed to protect them.

The gradual decline of a Cathy as she fights a society geared to assign blame and demonise groups of people during difficult times provides an intriguing mirror to the events of 2016.

Granted the social backdrop and the accents have changed (every character remotely in a position of authority speaks like a member of the royal family) but the hopelessness of her situation for many in the UK remains the same.

As Cathy’s plight deteriorates, so does her mental health and her control of her situation as she struggles to contain her frustration.

A harrowing and relevant drama, as powerful and important today as it was 50 years ago.

Available to watch on the BBC Iplayer right now.

I would urge anyone to watch this regardless of your political leanings, and if you need convincing any more the film even features a young(ish) Geoffrey Palmer.



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